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Can you believe it was only three years ago that the world shut down due to a global pandemic? 

We know that it felt a lot more like a scramble to educators who were trying to find a way to keep kids safe and fed and learning.  

We all become the Oprah of Chromebooks, “You get a Chromebook!  And you get a Chromebook!”  We doled them out with our masks on and our own fears simmering just below our ‘can do’ attitude.

We don’t recover from trauma the moment it’s happening.   We recover later when our body is no longer in a fear response and the crisis of the moment has passed.

This is why now is the time to REPLENISH your adult culture.

Replenish means to return to a state of plenty, wholeness, and abundance.

Riley Results

The Replenish Workshop:

A Workshop Designed to Support and Inspire Teachers

Replenish is a learning series designed to support and inspire teachers by providing coaching, communication tools, and leadership practices that help teachers navigate the challenges they face inside of their commitment to teaching kids.

All learning will be portable and can be immediately implemented in the participant’s home school so that adult well-being can take root.

What will educators who attend Replenish receive?

  • Leadership training that will improve adult culture in schools.

  • Portable tools and processes that can be integrated into the school's existing structure that help a strong adult culture flourish.

  • Creative and collaborative group discussions.

  • One-on-one coaching conversations.

  • Processes that transform challenges into possibilities.

Every lesson or learning experience is designed with these three components in mind:

  • Recovery: Access healing through connection

  • Reflection:  Assess my needs and determine the next right action

  • Recreation: Get clear on my commitment now

You all know the post-pandemic pains:

  • Teacher burnout is big.  

  • Trauma is as ubiquitous as the Chromebooks missing a key.  

  • Leaders and coaches are starting to droop under the weight of all they wish they could fix and make better.

  • We have hurried to accelerate learning and “get back to the way things were” without deeply considering whether or not “the way things were” was working for the whole.

  • There is antagonism between school leaders and teachers.

  • School culture is suffering because no one feels particularly well and there are signs everywhere of a disconnection from dreaming and inspiration.

  • Being “anit” and dismantling wasn’t enough.  They made it clear what we don’t want in schools but they didn’t help us create the vision for what we want to build a create.

We will take on and transform every one of those problems together.

What’s possible in Replenish:

  • Learning how to set boundaries that work for you and the whole.

  • Agreements that keep teams connected in their work.

  • Group conversation full of creativity, depth, and insight. 

  • Mindset changes that move person out of stuckness and suffering and into a new set of thoughts or beliefs about their work that keeps them healthy and thriving.

  • Greater connection across all school roles.  It turns out we’re all on the side of kids!

  • Strategies and supports to use at any stressful time of the school year.

Crystal, Teacher Leader

Participating in Replenish allowed me to truly believe that we can't help others be their best selves until we take the time to reflect, learn, and grow to be our best selves.

Values and Pricing

The Replenish workshop has over ten hours of deep content and processes as part of the curriculum!

Depending on your school’s needs, I take the most potent parts of the work and turn it into a seminar that works for your schedule.  Replenish can be a day or half-day seminar. 

Replenish can take place once in a school year or be a series of half-day workshops.

Prices for Replenish facilitation, customization, and material start at $2,000 for a half-day staff session.

Meet Maggie

I’m Maggie Riley and I’m the perfect partner for you in the post-pandemic era of education because I know what it’s like to love the work and I know what it’s like to want to leave the work.  I went to the school building happy and buoyant until the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Then, I was the school leader who didn’t have the right answers, worried about keeping adults and kids safe, and was struggling with my own fears while trying to lead others. My job became largely about operations and the shifting health policies felt impossible to keep up with.

It was a year or so after schools first closed and went remote that I started to think about what the pandemic had taught me and what I needed now that would help me recover my love for the work of education.  It was from this place that Replenish was born.

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