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June Leader
Wellbeing Retreat

June 19th - the 21st

Hosted in Vail, Colorado

Do you need a minute after this school year?

Maybe you need more than a minute to regroup, reflect, and restore.

How about three days in the mountains?

The June Leader Wellbeing Retreat is an immersive retreat dedicated to educational leaders.  If you are a coach, principal, assistant principal, dean, or in any other school or district leadership role, this is for you! 


In a small group we will walk in the woods, listen to the wind move through the trees, and gather our energy back to us.


In our seminar space, we will examine aspects of our leadership identity that either help or hinder us in our attempt to be well as we serve others.  Through learning and practice we will explore new approaches to leadership.

Examine our beliefs through the lens of drama consciousness

Practice nervous system regulation

Connect to our North Star, that thing that guides us no matter what comes

Identify obstacle thoughts that keep us small

Consider where we need more support and how to get it

Each aspect of the retreat is

designed to support the
Five Components
of Leader Wellbeing


A busy mind can feel so productive. 


It gives the illusion of being constantly on and going. 


But when our chatty mind can’t stop adding to tomorrow’s to-do list or replaying the tricky coaching conversation from the day as we lie in bed, that’s when it’s time to recreate the relationship to our thoughts.


An exhausted body is a sign that we are numb or not listening to our needs.  To be tired is a simple sign telling you that you need rest. 


Exhaustion occurs when we’ve continued to deny rest.  Just like food or water, we can’t survive without sleep. 


It’s time to meet this basic need.


Stress is not inherently bad for us.

It becomes a problem when we stay in a state of stress for a prolonged period of time, think longer than it would have taken us to run away from the lion on the plains back in the day.

Chronic stress can make us sick. If we have the belief that chronic stress is normal, it’s time to reinvent our relationship with stress.


As leaders we believe many different things. 


Some of what we believe leads us to rigidity and stress. Other beliefs lead us to creativity and agility. 


That’s why knowing our beliefs is so important.  Consciousness is truly the idea that you are aware of what you believe. 


We are run by our beliefs and they can either box us in or set us free.

Time can be an endless source of control and drama.  It can be useful to remember that while we can measure time, we don’t know how much time we have on this planet. 


Author Oliver Burkeman says that overscheduling our lives is an attempt to deny that one day we will die. 


Time is a mystery and our time is precious.

There will be no answers on this retreat.
There will be things to try and lots of
mountain air to breathe.

All the juicy details:

  • The retreat will be hosted at a private home in Vail, Colorado.

  • Accommodations and food is included in the price of the retreat.

  • Each participant has a private room with their own bathroom.

  • We will enjoy an evening out in Vail Village for dinner.

  • Each person will receive a wellbeing gift bag full of tools to support your journey.

  • The retreat begins at 12:00 on the 19th and we will close our time at 2:00 on the 21st.

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