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Staff Culture Enhancement

If you want to be your best in:

Life. Leadership. Relationships. Parenting. Work.

I'm the coach for you!

Being your best is possible!

I'm the coach that pairs practical strategy with transformational healing to help you show up as your best self.

Meet Maggie

Are you wondering where that village is that's supposed to help you raise your kids or if anything you are doing at work is making a difference or wanting to know when you're finally going to find that perfect partner? I get it. In a world with so much going on, it's funny how easy it is to find yourself without support and having to make it all up as you go.

You deserve a coach on your side.

I’m Maggie Riley. I’m an Integrative Holistic Coach (IHC) and former school leader and teacher. I've got two little ones, a husband that I'm in awe of, and I'm working each day to forge a life of service, kindness, creation, and joy.

I know what's possible when you do your work. I wouldn't have married my husband if I hadn't done my work in coaching. My whole life now is possible because my coach taught me how to access the best of myself.

Having the life you want is possible.

Instructional Coaching for Educators

The good news is that we are constantly in the process of deciding who we want to be. It’s our responsibility, it’s our honor.

- Maggie Riley

What I Specialize In

Adaptive Leadership Training


All the greats have a coach, it's time you had one too. Begin today by booking a FREE call with Maggie to discuss getting started with life coaching or leadership coaching. Whether you have the goal of healing or pursuing a new dream, see how coaching can support you.

Educational Leadership Coaching


Love means everything to us. Tend to, care for, and heal your relationship in couples coaching or by having custom couples retreat designed for you and your beloved. Your work together is the best investment you can make.

School Leadership Development


If you're sick of suffering and ready to take your school into a place of vibrant leadership and service, you've come to the right place! Leadership coaching, team facilitation, and a curriculum written specifically for the challenges and dreams of educators are available to you here.

If you want to raise awareness within a system - a family system, a school system, a social system - you must first raise awareness within yourself.

- Maggie Riley

Riley Results Maggie Riley.jpeg

As the leaders of our own lives, we must go first in our personal development work.


Expand your possibilities while healing past hurts and insecurities.


Lead from a place of strength and clarity.


Connect with yourself and those you love.


Serve each student, child or person that you come into contact with.

Let's work together to:

What My Clients Say

"I have been coaching with Maggie for over a year now and it has done nothing but better my life since I started. She helped me overcome some deep-set trauma from my childhood and gain tools for my day-to-day life to be the best me that I can be. She taught me the importance of honoring and loving my inner child and what that truly meant. I wouldn’t have made the progress in my life that I have without Maggie’s help and I think anyone can benefit from it!"

Amanda- Life Coaching Client

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