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Couples work is beautiful and hard. I believe that by loving, growing, and healing inside our most precious relationship, we send ripples of love and wellbeing out into the world. By showing up to grow as a couple, we allow for generational healing to take place and we get to experience the joy of recreating the experience of being in a relationship.

By working on your relationship, you will each grow to know yourselves more deeply and fully. You will access compassion for your partner and step into accountability for who you want to be in a relationship.

You and your partner deserve to feel free so that your relationship can work.





With a couples coaching four-pack, you will receive four 60-minute Integrative Holistic Coaching sessions with Maggie. The sessions will be scheduled within a three-month period to get you on track with your goals and dreams for your relationship. Sessions may be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly to meet your needs and will be customized just for you and your partner.

Sessions hosted on Zoom. In-person sessions are available by request



Starting at $3,000

Recreate your relationship and meet your partner on a deeper level. This retreat is customized specifically for your relationship.


Couples retreats are hosted in the Colorado Rockies so that you and your partner can step away from your busy lives and benefit from the restorative elements of nature.

Connect with Maggie to schedule a couples retreat.


Riley Results supports love in all its forms. Love Wins.

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