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You know how the radio seems to blare right when you are meeting with your leadership team or no one can meet because leaders are pulled in some many directions?

School leaders, serving kids and adults day in and day out deserve a day of peace, depth, and connection. You deserve a retreat from the demands and distractions of school.

You also deserve the time and space to develop the team of your dreams.

Every school leader and their team is looking to either heal or set a strong foundation for one of the three T's:

Three T's Retreats are customized daylong immersive 
experiences perfectly designed to help your team
feel aligned, connected, and ready to take on transformational leadership back in your building.




What I’ve learned from years of working with principals, central office leaders, and teachers is that every team has its own flavor of flow and dysfunction.


As leaders, we can make the mistake of being in another person’s business beyond what our work requires. We find ourselves worrying, Do they trust me?"  "Do they trust their colleagues?” On retreat, I coach you to find neutrality around trust and focus on the real question, Do I trust myself?

- TEAM -

Is your team on the struggle bus or are you putting a new team of leaders together? Whether you’re looking to heal past team breakdowns or mindfully build a new team, I coach your team to find their real agreements, communicate clearly and with intention, and join together for a common cause.  


Leadership is an invitation to inquiry into who you are as a person, what you stand for, and what values rise high above the smog of the system to guide and redirect you. It’s big and confronting work that transcends the compliance documents and systems development. In our normal day-to-day, it can be hard to slow down enough to inventory what is working and what are we ready to transform in our leadership which makes retreat the perfect space to go deep.


Riley Results


We start with a 1:1 call between you and me because every retreat is customized to the specific needs of you and your team.


Once we’ve identified which T your team most wants to work on (Trust, Team, or Transformation). I create a powerful retreat day just for you!


If you are in the Denver area, I host you and your team at my private retreat space for a day of deep adaptive work.


For those outside of the Denver area, I arrange our space and make sure it is 100%.


Lunch and snacks are provided and I ensure that they meet the dietary needs of any team member.


A retreat is a low-tech space and all materials are provided.

How much do custom Three T’s Retreats Cost?

  • Denver area: a retreat day costs $5,000 and includes all the goodness detailed above.

  • Outside the Denver area:  the retreat cost starts at $5,000 and takes into account travel costs.

Meet Your Tour Guide to Trust, Team, and Transformation

Riley Results

Hi, I’m Maggie Riley

I served as an educator for thirteen years in Denver Public Schools and I freaking loved it! I loved teaching kids, lesson planning, meeting with my colleagues, and parent-teacher conferences, and I fell madly in love with school leadership.

This love didn’t come because it was easy. It was a love born out of struggle and confusion. How could I best serve teachers so that they tapped into their full greatness and inspiration?

What could I do about the stress and overwhelm everyone seemed to feel? Who did I have to become in order to lead a school? It was through these questions that I realized the importance of deep, adaptive work in leadership.

The rush and crisis culture are well known in schools and it’s essential for high-functioning leadership teams to step back and dive deeply into their relationship to trust, team, and transformation. For me, depth is where I felt the most inspired and energized to keep going in the work.

Today I’m an educational entrepreneur serving school leaders, teams, and central office leaders. I’m a mom to two small humans, and a very old dog, and wife to my husband, Drew. The lessons I learn as a leader seem to show up in all of these areas of my life as the separation of work and life was never quite real, and now, I welcome the messy, integrated experiences of growth and transformation.

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