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There’s no quick fix to discomfort...

But there are ways to support ourselves when it’s happening.

Last week I wrote a retreat series proposal for a school I’ve never worked with, I facilitated new Replenish content in a staff PD, and I coached different leadership teams on how paying attention to mindset is an important lever in coaching.

These normal parts of my work can also feel like small acts of courage.

And, while I experienced moments of success and confidence, I also felt the pains of uncertainty and doubt.

For me, creating in leadership can feel like baring my soul.  I often leave events feeling like a sardine can, my chest cranked open and my heart fully exposed to the elements.

The voice of my inner child can show up in these times, asking:

  • Am I good enough?

  • Could I have done better?

  • Was the work actually valuable to others?

I spent this past weekend contemplating how to fix this discomfort.

I just wanted to feel better.

While journaling and a long hug from my husband helped me this morning, I’m left with the truth that there is no hack for the tough emotions we encounter in life and in leadership.

A bolded note from my coach reminds me, “The only real thing that heals is to FEEL.” 

So while my days as an educational entrepreneur look different from yours, I felt nudged to use this space to affirm the shared experiences of:

  • Self doubt and uncertainty

  • Wondering if you have done the right thing

  • Feeling vulnerable as you lead in seemingly “normal” work situations such as data meetings, professional development, and coaching sessions

  • Pressure to give more or do better

By acknowledging our discomfort, may we then take the next step and allow ourselves to feel.

Not fixing.

Some ways I’ll be supporting myself to feel my uncomfortable feelings this week are:

  • Expressive writing journaling.  This is a practice of writing what is hurting you or upsetting you.  It’s a purge.

  • It’s one of those March days that feels like spring so I’ll be getting sun in my face and some time to walk outside.

  • Cozy comforts at my desk - a heating pad for my chair, a light blanket to put on my lap, maybe even some fresh flowers

  • Talking with trusted people.  My husband.  My coach.  Any who who doesn’t need you to explain yourself and is on your side.

  • Smaller sized to-do lists.  I need to take the pressure off so I’m going to aim to do only what is necessary this week.

As we lead, create, and try new things.  We are courageous.  We are being vulnerable.  

Together, may we be uplifted by knowing that our discomfort does not make us bad and we can lovingly encourage ourselves and each other to enroll the support and care we need to stay in the game and keep serving.

Your coach in life and leadership,



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