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Meet Maggie

Integrative Holistic Coach (IHC)

Hi, I'm Maggie.


I’m a Certified Integrative Holistic Coach specializing in life coaching, leadership coaching, and team facilitation. I was an educator in the public schools for 13 years as a teacher and school leader where I honed my skills as an instructional coach and facilitator. I went on to study and train as an Integrative Holistic Coach and now have more than 3,000 hours of practice in this work. I'm a mom to two little ones and a wife to my husband Drew.


My work in Riley Results is dedicated to the belief that when we pair strategy and transformational healing, we can show up as the best leaders of our own lives.

Whether you have found this work for the purpose of supporting your school or for the purpose of supporting your life, what I believe is that when we each receive the support we deserve, we are better able to feel good, show up, and give our gifts to our families, communities, and beyond.

We are meeting here for a reason.


I began working with a coach several years ago. I found her in a moment of pain and uncertainty. My relationship was faltering, I was a young teacher working all the time, and I didn't know what to do. What I’ve learned in the time since is that we each have the ability to design and live the life we want and that living our best life is the way we give our gifts and service to the world.

Coaching awakens us to our gifts and talents. It can remind us of our power and potential. Coaching can also provide us with comfort, support, and care as we navigate moments of change, loss, or uncertainty.
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My dad died a few years ago and I think often of how grateful I am that I found my support in coaching before that acute moment of suffering. Coaching didn’t help me escape any pain and it didn’t fix anything. It did provide me with comfort, a light in the dark, and the awareness that I could choose how I showed up. Even in the face of loss, I could live from my values and be true to what I was up to in the world.

This lesson has served me well in the years since.

As coaching began changing all aspects of my life, I realized it was giving me tools and insights that could change the way we approach and think about training and developing professionals in schools. If we want to raise awareness inside of a school system, we must go first by raising our own awareness of ourselves.

Whether you are ready to work together to become your best in your life, leadership, relationship, or parenting, coaching is about taking your life and learning from it.  It is about the values of expansion, service, connection, and leadership. Our families are better when we show up in these values, our communities are strengthened, and our world becomes richer and fuller than we ever imagined.

When we show up to the learning in our life, we find ourselves radically well equipped to live our life’s purpose and to be better for ourselves and all those we serve.

Let's begin our work together!

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Maggie's Credentials

  • Thirteen years in public education as both a teacher and a school leader

  • Eight years as an instructional and leadership coach

  • Master's degree in urban education from the University of Denver

  • Integrative Holistic Coaching certification: Over 3000 hours in study and practice to earn certification as a Level II IHC coach

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