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Work with Teams


Leadership Team Facilitation

Using the curriculum, Leader of Self, which is written by Maggie and is based on the observable knowing that before we can effectively lead a classroom, lead our colleagues, or lead for creating a school system that sheds its old oppressive habits and steps boldly into true service, we must first know ourselves, our values, our why, and the habits and ways of thinking that hold us back.


The Leader of Self workshop effectively transforms school leadership culture. Leaders report being challenged in the process, changed as they integrate the work, and renewed as they find a greater sense of clarity and conviction. Each session is customized to meet the needs of the team and the school's stated goals.

Investment: Starting at $3,200* for 8-hours of facilitation. Scholarships available through DPS to subsidize cost.

Whole School Facilitation

Whether your staff is ready to step into greater levels of leadership or needs the space to recover from the past two years, whole staff facilitation is customized to meet the needs and goals of your school.


This work calls upon the Leader of Self curriculum and the Replenish Workshop curriculum. Together we will dive deep into our values, examine our individual and collective ways of thinking, and get into greater commitment around who want to be for ourselves, each other, and our students.


Leadership Collaboration

Leadership Collaboration is a bundled service that allows your team to create a leadership package and plan to move in the direction of your stated goals.


It’s a full-day package that includes leadership coaching, team facilitation, and content design for the full staff to help you implement your vision for school culture across many areas of your leadership structure.

Investment: $1,200 per day. Scholarships available through DPS to subsidize cost.

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Leadership: The embodiment of your best for the betterment of the whole.

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