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Your end of year checklist

You won’t want to forget any of these things!


Write down your insights and the things you have learned

The lessons, the insights, your wisdom - it’s all present with you right now. Capture it. I know you’re tired but you won’t fully remember what you know right now when you come back in the fall. Your mind will rest and recharge more effectively this summer if it can relax knowing that you have written down what you have learned

Plan for a return to school that reflects what you know is important

Plan NOW for the return to school that you are dreaming of and that you know you and your team need. When you do come back the rush and urgency and district demands will be a constant tug on your shirt sleeve. Commit to the work you know you need before the distractions start.

Check in with how you are feeling

Notice how you feel. Is there any pain or tension in your body? What emotion is present with you? How’s your energy? Bringing awareness to how you feel is the first step in meeting your needs.

Make a list of what your grateful for from the year

Gratitude changes our perspective and raises our state. As Brother David Steindl-Rast said, “It’s not happiness that makes one grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.” List a list three very specific things you are grateful for from this year.

Commit to closing this chapter

I know there are things you wish had gone differently and a laundry list of what you think you should have done better. There might be regrets and “If onlys” on your mind. Gently remind yourself, you did your best with what you knew at the time. Next year is another chance. It’s time to close this chapter.


It’s time to rest, my friend. To really, deeply relax, release, and rest.

If your return plan calls for time with your team to focus on your communication, your commitment to each other and the work, and to growing your adaptive leadership skills.  It’s time now to schedule a date for Leader of Self: Team Foundations

Reserve your date HERE.

I hope this checklist helps you feel focused and clear as you end this school year.

Thank you for serving kids and teachers.

Cheering you on in rest and restoration,


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