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What I learned from my time with Rob Bell

I spent last week in an intimate learning experience with one of my most loved teachers, Rob Bell.

In Ojai, California I sat in a circle with 25 other people, strangers at first but not for long.  We each took turns talking about what we were creating in the world and asking questions about the places we get stuck.

In that circle I couldn’t feel time.  What I did feel was connection and wisdom and possibility.  

Today I wanted to share a few gems I walked away with.  


  • Institutions bend toward their own preservation.  Good to know if your work pushes against “the way things are.”

  • Be unoffendable.  Taking offense is a distraction from our real commitment.  

  • The body knows.  Ask yourself a question and listen to the wisdom of the body, not the chatter of the mind.

  • The healing of the personal is the healing of the collective.  

  • Ask yourself:  Are you okay being big?  Are you okay taking up space?  Everything else is in the details.

  • Despair is the spiritual disease of believing that tomorrow will be just like today.

  • Time doesn’t need to be measured in terms of units of what’s produced.

  • There’s no waste.  There’s no worry.  There’s no ticking clock.  Take the pressure off.

Your friend in life and leadership,



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