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Do THIS before summer!


Your fall self with thank you.

It turned the corner from spring vibes to full on summer feels this past week.

It’s hot and I’m ready for more time outside.

I’m guessing I’m catching you at a similar moment.  

You’ve done the hard work, cleaned up the classrooms, cried as kids walked out the doors, and slumped down in your chair, weary from the year.

So before you go and get your summertime groove on.

I want to remind you that when you return to this role, you’ll be recharged and likely ready to dig into the work.

You’ll probably be dreaming about the ways your team can really work well together this school year.

The thing is, you have to dedicate the time to building the foundation and learning the skills of a high functioning team.

I’ve got you.

HERE are the dates that are available for my one day seminar “Leader of Self: Team Foundations.”

I’ll host you and your team for a full day of the adaptive leadership tools and approaches that make your strategy actually WORK!

You’ll connect, practice, and set the tone for the year together.

I’ll also feed you, take amazing care of you in my private retreat space, and make sure you have all the snacks and fizzy waters you could possibly want!

So before you grab your flip flops and race to the pool, reserve your day with me.

Then sigh it out, you’ve done such good work!

Happy summer, my friend!


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