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Committed leaders find a way to lead.

As we close this year and prepare to lead in 2024, I have a thought about something we should leave behind . . .

In meeting spaces, stop asking the most resistant and stuck people in the room to share their voice.

It’s derailing, distracting, and demoralizing.

To us.  To others. 

In education we have been indoctrinated to lead in a democratic way.  All voices, no matter what.

But I’ve watched some leaders outside of education and what they do is elevate and promote the voices that move the room forward.

If facilitation is an embodiment of what we believe and stand for, then we have to be committed to leading spaces with our eye clearly set on where we long to go.

Rooms of new ideas, creation, and creativity do not have to be hosts to every complaint and negative thought that gets in the way.

Committed leaders find a way to lead.

We can facilitate with that in mind.

Wishing you a winter break rest, connection, and joy.

See you in the new year,


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