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This 30 minute call is an ideal opportunity to connect with Maggie to discuss how any of her school leadership services could support your school and vision or for any 1:1 coaching services.

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Ready to lead your staff out of the suffering and into a place of vibrant, creative leadership? Coaching, team facilitation, and curriculum all written to help schools recover their culture after two years of pandemic instruction are waiting for you.

Connect with Maggie now to develop a leadership plan just right for your school!

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Replenish Workshop: A Workshop Designed to Support and Inspire Teachers

Ready to recover from COVID and create the adult culture of your dreams? Bring the Replenish Workshop to your school today!

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"This is What Comes With It . . . Stepping Into Real Classroom and School Leadership"

Take a listen as Maggie joins the PEBC Phenomenal Teaching Podcast


"Navigating Your Way Out of the Drama Triangle"

Maggie joins Chrissy Allison, host of the Mindful Math Podcast:

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